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Features in Forty South

Restoring Giant Kelp

Shifting Baselines: A Leaf out of Baudin’s Journal

Feature in Good Weekend (Sydney Morning Herald/The Age)

Wild Medicine

Forget MasterChef

Feature in The Conversation

Frozen in Time

Science features published as science writer and editor of Living Planet magazine, published in association with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Colour cast in Stone
Popular science feature article published in Living Planet Magazine
Winter 2000, p 33-41
‘Five years ago I witnessed the birth of a coral reef. When the coral spawns, it is like diving in pink caviar…’

A ‘mitey’ problem for the Dutch icon
Feature article published in Living Planet magazine
March-May 2001, p 98-99
‘An animal that fits on the end of a pin may be the solution to pests in the Netherlands’ multimillion dollar flower-growing industry…’

Dwarfs and Giants in Sweden’s forest lakes
Feature article published in Living Planet magazine
Winter 2001, p 100-101
‘In Sweden’s forest lakes, scientific models are solving an ancient riddle about dwarfs and giants…’

Too warm, too dry: What’s in store for Arctic forests?
Feature article published in Living Planet magazine
June-August 2001, p 98-99
‘Scientists have long held the view that if Arctic temperatures rise as a result of global warming, the magnificent boreal forest will grow faster. The burgeoning forest would be a timely storehouse for carbon dioxide, and help alleviate the greenhouse effect. But what if they were wrong?’

Understanding the Red List
Feature article published in Living Planet magazine
Fall 2001, p 98-99
‘Endangered, threatened, vulnerable: what’s the science behind monitoring species in danger…’

Other published science articles

Features for the *Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) (*US spelling)

Four-letter word
A full-page feature published in The Mercury newspaper
September 25, 2003, p18
‘The State Government this week moved to reduce the use of 1080 poison by farmers. Katherine Johnson talks to people seeking better ways to protect our forests…’

Blue Carrots, Green Isle: growing trees without 1080
Feature article published in Wildlife Australia magazine
Spring 2003, p 13-15
‘From rotten egg and dog urine sprays to super fences and bitter-tasting seedlings, scientists have found some surprising alternatives to 1080 in Tasmania’s eucalypt plantations…’

The Cape Platanna — just another endangered species
Feature article published in the EuroPacific Observer
March 1995, p45-46

Marine oasis in a deep-sea desert
Published in GEO Australasia
November-December 1997 p 37-42

Aquaculture The blue revolution
Published in Ecos magazine
Spring 1997, p 19-23
‘Katherine Johnson outlines research aimed at ensuring Australia’s fish farms are sustainable, efficient and disease-free…’

Deep Discoveries
Feature article published in Ecos magazine
April-June 1998, p14-19
‘Katherine Johnson describes the elation of scientists as they unveil a unique array of marine creatures, clinging to life on the edge of extinct volcanoes off Tasmania’s southern shores…’

Fishing for clues — Can we help the marlin slip the hook?
Feature article published in Ecos magazine
Winter 1997, p 6-9
‘It may be world famous, but the black marlin is poorly understood. Katherine Johnson outlines efforts to know and protect this sporting species…’

Secrets of the Lagoon
Published in Ecos magazine
January-March 1999 p22-23
‘The Remote Operated Vehicle whirs along the seabed off far northern Queensland, relaying digital images to the research vessel 40 metres above…’

Fathoming the depths
Various articles in the Ecos magazine marine supplement celebrating International Year of the Ocean
Ecos January-March 1998

Tagging along with sharks
Ecos April-June 1999, p 6-8
‘In the blue waters off Western Australia’s Ningaloo Reef, divers approach the broad head and speckled body of a whale shark, the world’s largest living fish…’”

Genetic improvement in aquaculture
Rural Research 174 AUTUMN 1997, p17-19

Full-page feature article in The Mercury newspaper
July 25 1997, p37
‘With 300 delegates from around the world descending on Hobart for the 6th International Tasmanian Aquaculture Exchange this weekend, attention is focused on the latest Australian innovations in farming the sea. Katherine Johnson reports…’

Signing off on the International Year of the Ocean, Australasian Science magazine, 1998.

Sustainable Fishing, Australasian Science magazine, 1998.

Mapping Australia’s Ocean Territories, Australasian Science magazine, 1998

Professional Fisherman, various articles including Pop-up tags track tuna from space
Professional Fisherman
August 1999, p 23.

CoResearch articles including Marine Research in landmark win
‘CSIRO input has been critical in the recent decision to stop Japan’s experimental fishing program for southern bluefin tuna…’

R&D News (Newsletter for the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC)), various articles

The Good Oil (Brochure produced on behalf of CSIRO, FRDC and the Master Fish Merchants Association of New South Wales) reporting on CSIRO research into the oil content of Australian fish.

Web content for CSIRO Marine Research and CSIRO Marine and Aquaculture Research

Journalist for the University of Queensland’s Graduate Contact Magazine (various articles)

Journalist, University News (circulation 14,000) reporting on the achievements and activities of students, staff and graduates at the University of Queensland

Journalist, University of Queensland’s Supplement in the Courier Mail, 1993

Journalist, Know Your University, 1994

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