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  1. Loved reading your page in the weekend paper – having done my PhD in a cave in Trinidad in the mid-1960s, it brought back lots of lovely memories: [“His PhD was one of the first whole ecosystem studies that examined community and energy relationships (1969); and it was the earliest such study conducted by a single researcher. For this he received the awards for Best PhD Thesis and Best PhD Student”!!] – Happy to share stuff if you are interested – Supportively, Stuart

    • KatherineJohnson

      Dear Professor Hill
      Many thanks for your email and apologies for the delay in replying. I actually have only just come across your message now (I have to admit that I hadn’t realised the wordpress site had a direct messaging capability). I’m very pleased you enjoyed the piece in the paper, and your PhD research sounds fascinating. I am doing my own PhD now in a different field, but remain interested in caves. My latest novel, The Better Son, is based in a Tasmanian cave (Kubla Khan). There’s something that makes a person feel very small about being inside a place of such deep time.
      Thanks for making contact.
      kind regards

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